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How to Represent Malaysia? - Part 2 (OFFLINE TOURNAMENTS)

How to Represent Malaysia - PART 2 (Offline Tournament):

PES League Asia are organising a tournaments, involving South East Asian (SEA) countries i.e. Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam & Singapore. For 2016 season, it was held in Hanoi, Vietnam. For next year (2017 season), it shall be held in Bandung, Indonesia.

Basically, 4 players are to be selected from each participating countries. In Malaysia, this is how we select our players:

1 - ONLINE tournament
2 - OFFLINE tournament
3 - OFFLINE tournament
4 - OFFLINE tournament

With reference to the qualifiers (both online and offline) - please refer to the attached pictures - the selection shall be based on RANKINGS.

Official RANKINGS are to be tabulated on

Winner for ONLINE tournaments, alongwith TOP 3 for OFFLINE tournaments, shall be representing the country. It's easy!

We hope to see next season!
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