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How To Represent Malaysia? - Part 1 (ONLINE TOURNAMENTS)

How to Represent Malaysia - PART 1 (Online Tournament):

As a whole, four (4) players are to represent the nation in #PES2017 tournament - scheduled to be held in Indonesia, April 2017.

Out of the four (4) given slots, one  (1) will come from the National Online Tournament/League (via PS4 console), and the remaining three (3) will be from National Offline Tournament - will be explained later in PART 2.

In short, for 2017 season, players will be given points for every tournaments they won (Top 8). This applies to both Online and Offline tournaments.

Accumulated points to be shown on - our official website.

Those who will be representing the country, shall be taken from the top rankings - both Online & Offline.

May the odds be forever in your favour!
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