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PESMY 2019 Tournament Rules and Regulations


(PES 2019 SEASON) 

The rules, which can be found in full below, will be used throughout the PES Malaysia Tournament (PESMY). PESMY has the right to change the tournament format, game format, prizes, time, venue, date, etc. without any given prior notice before, during or after the tournament is over. In the event of any dispute during the tournament, the decision by PESMY will be final.  

Remark: Official representative(s) from PES Malaysia will be at the tournament/event as third party observer, to ensure all rules and regulations are followed thoroughly (dependent on availability).  


1. All matches in the Tournament will be 10 minutes duration. 


2. Players will be divided randomly into four groups or more. Players within each group will play each other once or twice within the group stages (dependent on timing).  Fixtures will be played in an order which is randomly determined by the system. 


3. Three (3) points will be awarded for a win, one (1) for a draw and none (0) for a loss. At least 2 players from each group with the most points in will qualify for the knock out stage. 


4. If two or more players are tied on points, the following conditions will follow: 


- Goal difference (Overall) - Goals scored (Overall) - Gola score against (Overall) - Head to Head - Special match 5 minutes on extra time & penalty 


This will be communicated in more detail at the tournament depending on the circumstances. 

5. The knockout stages will consist of a Round of 16 or 32, Quarter Final round, Semifinals round, Third Place play-off and a Final. Rounds will be either one-legged or more. The winner of the match will be progressing to the next round. In the event of a draw after 90 in game minutes the match will be decided by special 5-minutes match with extra time on and then penalties.   


6. Knockout fixtures will either be seeded based on group performance or done randomly (dependent on structure and timing). 



1. Tournament matches will be played on Sony PlayStation® 4 consoles 


2. All consoles in the event must be updated to run PES 2019 – via KONAMI™ online updates 


3. Official Sony DS4 Controllers and controller cables will be made available for players to use during the event. Players may bring their own controllers and cables to play with. 


Player Availability, Breaks and Absence   

1. Other than a designated lunch break (if any) between the group stages and the knock out stages, there will be no breaks during the tournament. Players are asked to ensure they are present in the tournament area, and available to play their matches at all times during both the group and knockout stages. 


2. Players who are not present within the tournament area when they are due to play their match risk having the match voided in favour of their opponent or elimination from the tournament. Tournament Admins are under no obligation to actively look for an absent player should this situation arise. 


3. If any players do need to leave the tournament area for any reason they must let a Tournament Admin know so they can advise accordingly whether there is time to do this, and how long they are permitted to be absent. 


4. If any players want to withdraw from the tournament with whatsoever reason at any stage; a. No refunds will be provided b. No slot(s) transfer or substitutions with other players are allowed c. Their opponent will be given a win with a 0-3 score. 


Team Selection, Personal Data Settings and Game Plans   

1. Players may choose to use any Club or International team on PES 2019 apart from the European Classics and World Classics teams.   


2. Players may use any personal data and button configurations they wish. To save time when setting up matches, players are asked to save these configurations on each console once they have been set up using their PES League username as the Personal Data Name. Players are also asked not to over-ride the configurations of other players in doing this. 


3. Players may use any game plan options available to them within PES 2019. 


4. Due to the nature of the Sony PlayStation 4 system® it is not possible to load Personal Data Settings and Game Plans from a USB stick. Please be aware of this in preparation for the tournament. 


5. It is each player’s responsibility to ensure that their Personal Data Settings and Game Plans are correct before the kick-off option is selected. Once this has been done players may make any changes the game allows (providing they keep within the relevant rules under tournament behaviour) however no matches will be restarted even if the match itself has not yet kicked off. If a player does restart the game after the ‘kick off’ has been selected then the match will be voided and a 3-0 win recorded in their opponent’s favor. 

Match Set-up   

1. All matches must be played using the EXHIBITION mode match menu.  


2. Players can use either national or club teams in team selection. 


3. For the ease of capturing results and live scores, please ensure that the player whom is sitting on the left hand side while facing the screen is Player 1 and vice versa. 


4. The following settings must be selected from the General settings menu on the Match menu screen for all games within events.  a. Match Level: Super Star  b. Match Time: 10 Minutes  c. No. of Substitutions: 3  d. Player Emotions: OFF  e. Condition Home: Moderate (→) f. Condition Away: Moderate (→) g. Injuries: OFF 

In addition to this, Extra Time and PK must be turned OFF in group stage matches and turn ON in knockout matches. In the event that a match is set up incorrectly, players must call Tournament Marshal or Admin over and they will make a decision on what action is to be taken. However, players are to alert marshal should there be any wrong setup at early stages. The marshal should not be held accountable on the defeat of any parties that is caused by the wrong setups. Players are to follow the instructions by marshal. 


5. Players may choose which stadium they wish to use between themselves. If an agreement can’t be made then a Tournament Marshal must be called over to make a decision which will be final.  


6. The following settings must be selected from the Stadium screen for all games within events.  a. Stadium: KONAMI b. Time: Night  c. Season: Summer d. Weather: Fine e. Length of Grass: Normal f. Pitch Conditions: Normal 


7. Players may choose which strips are used between themselves. If an agreement can’t be made then Tournament Marshall must be called over to make a decision which will be final. 


8. All matches must be played with the following camera and speed settings:  a. Camera Type: Dynamic Wide  b. Zoom: 2  c. Height: 2 d. Speed: 0 


Tournament Behavior 

1. Pausing the game is only permitted when the ball is out of play within the match. If a player believes their opponent has paused while the ball is still in play, then they must call a Tournament Marshall over before the match has been restarted and they will make a decision on whether the pause was fair, and any action that should be taken as a result.   


2. Generally, a player cannot hover around on their side (half-court time-wasting tactic) for more than 15 minutes (game clock). In the instance you think an opponent is showing unsportsmanlike behavior then please call over a Tournament Marshal or Admin who will make a decision on the behavior and how to proceed – the player will be disqualified (most likely). 

3. Rude, abusive or violent behaviour won’t be tolerated at the event and any player committing such behavior may be ejected from the tournament. 


4. Players are expected to play in a sportsmanlike manner during the event. In the instance you think an opponent is showing unsportsmanlike behavior then please call over a Tournament Marshal or Admin who will make a decision on the behavior and how to proceed.  

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