PES League

PES MALAYSIA Point-Based System (2018)

PES Malaysia Points System:

We have been asked by many, on how do we measure our winners and award them with points? Well, here's how:
We award the winners (Top 8) for both Online/Offline tournaments as such:
Champion: 25 points
Runner-Up: 18 points

2nd Runner-Up: 15 points
4th Place: 12 points
5th - 8th Places: 8 points
We do have multipliers, though, dependent on the number of participants, as per below:
0-32: x 1.0 points
33-64: x 1.5 points
65-128: x 2.0 points
129-256: x 2.5 points

The points are to be accumulated throughout PES2018 season and shall be reflected on our official website, Players with highest accumulated points will have a chance to represent Malaysia. This applies for both Individual and Co-op modes (both Online & Offline).
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